How it all began

In the year 1999, four friends came together to unite for a cause – the initiation of palliative care in the country. It was a humble beginning- four beds in a private hospital providing free palliative care service for the patients sponsored by four persons with big hearts. Working as doctors in busy hospitals, we realized that there were many patients who presented with advanced cancer whose only option was palliative care but were having to suffer in silence as there was no such service in the country.

Soon we realized that we had to move out of a hospital to a more homely environment. So we leased land near Patan Hospital and built an 8- bedded independent unit. The building was built for us by CE Construction and Comfort Housing, companies which were led by one of the four founding members, Mr Om Rajbhandary. This was completed in the year 2000 where we moved as ‘Hospice Nepal’, a Non-profit Non -Government Organization duly registered with the Government.